Street Photography

While we were out and about in downtown Buffalo this past weekend I had the opportunity to try some street photography. This is a new technique for me and I was hoping I’d be able to capture our culture properly. I had plenty of opportunity with many people walking for the March of  Dimes. It was great to see ‘Team fillintheblank’ t-shirts and orange tutus walking down our city streets and many a dog took the walk as well. But it was one man sitting on a bench that caught my eye. I walked passed him and sat about 30 feet away on a brick wall, pretending to mind my own business. He looked the opposite direction and that’s when I brought my camera up to focus on him. I snapped a couple shots while he was looking away and as he slowly turned his face back forward, I caught two more side shots.

This is the shot that captured me and I feel that I was inside his moment at that moment. I don’t know his name, but he will forever be part of MY history now.

Street Photography

See you on the other side of the lens.

About Missy Ray

I'm a 50yr old Office Manager/Singer-in-a-band/Photographer/Crafter/Artist/Wanna-be-Entrepreneur who learns a little bit about myself with each passing day.
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