Angel Gowns of WNY

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I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know about an organization that is very close to my heart. I started a group early in April 2014 to create Angel Gowns for babies that do not make it home from the hospital.

I always say, one person a band does not make. This is my ‘band of volunteers’. In the short term of just under two (2) months we have grown to six (6) seamstresses – Kathleen Bouthillier (The Color Shrink), Donna Rose, Karen Turvey, Mary Morrow, myself and our newest seamstress Nancy Bindhammer (Nancy and I are still working out the details, but I didn’t want to leave her out). We have also received donations of approximately 25 wedding, communion, prom and bridesmaid dresses. Thank You to Everyone that has donated dresses, supplies and money so that we can purchase thread, ribbon, packaging supplies and other necessities to create the Angel Gowns.

You can visit our Facebook Page to see all the beautiful dresses, our list of people who have donated and the Angel Gowns that were created from them. We also have a blog you can visit as well for full details about Angel Gowns of WNY.

If you’d like to donate a dress to be turned into Angel Gowns – please visit either our blog or our Facebook Page to find out how YOU can help our Tiny Angels. If you’d like to donate monetarily to help us purchase supplies please visit our Go Fund Me website. We greatly appreciate anything you can do to help!

Thank You and Bless all our Tiny Angels!


About Missy Ray

I'm a 50yr old Office Manager/Singer-in-a-band/Photographer/Crafter/Artist/Wanna-be-Entrepreneur who learns a little bit about myself with each passing day.
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1 Response to Angel Gowns of WNY

  1. janet says:

    I have 6-7 dresses want to donate tomorrow at The Clothes Horse Want to know if you want these
    other items

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