Evabelle’s Closet

Sometimes I wish I had just a couple more days each week so that I could fit in all the things I love to do. Obviously I have Monday through Friday when I work during the day, then the weekends are for family, housework and fun. Now I just need a day to do photography & photo/video editing. A day to get caught up on all administrative tasks for Angel Gowns of WNY, Inc. A day for staying on top of fitness & nutrition. And a day for creating jewelry for my shop, Evabelle’s Closet.

I started Evabelle’s Closet back in 2011 as an outlet for my creations. I’ve always enjoyed creating – music, art, drawing, photography, knitting, jewelry, etc. If I go too long without creating something, I feel it in my core. It’s a part of what makes me who I am.

I like to try different media outlets, expand my knowledge base of materials and techniques and as always – create something out of nothing. This process feeds something inside of me that is hard to explain. I just know that if I go too long without creating, it affects me.

I’m excited to be participating in my first vendor show in many years this November 18th in the Butterfly Moon Holiday Extravaganza at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Union Road in Cheektowaga, NY. I’m currently working on creating my inventory for the show, whilst filling custom orders from my online Etsy shop.

At any given time, I may have items such as necklaces, polymer clay creations and scarves in my online shop. Like my tagline says….

‘You never know what you’ll find in Evabelle’s Closet.’

copper bracelet


About Missy Ray

I'm a 50yr old Office Manager/Singer-in-a-band/Photographer/Crafter/Artist/Wanna-be-Entrepreneur who learns a little bit about myself with each passing day.
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