Great Weight Watchers Pizza Recipe

We had one of my favorite dinners tonight, chicken souvlaki! Since my entire dinner was only 6 points, I had a bunch of points (14) left over for a snack. I made this delicious (really delicious!!) pizza tonight as my snack. I can’t believe I STILL have points leftover! The entire thing was 11 points but that’s only because I doubled up on the mozzarella portion size. Had I only used 1 portion of cheese instead of two, it’d only have been 9 points. Could have shared half but then I’d be left with 5 more points to eat tonight instead of 3. Yummiliciousness!! #weightwatchers

Homemade WW Pizza – 11 points as made below

*1 – Fit & Active flatbread multi-grain w/flax = 2 points
*12pcs – Mama Pozzi’s turkey pepperoni = 1 point
*1/2 cup (2 servings) – Happy Farms low moisture part skim shredded mozzarella cheese = 5 points (you can use 1 serving of 1/4 cup for 3 points)
*1/2 cup – great value spaghetti sauce = 3 points (I like a saucy pizza)

Place flatbread on lined cookie sheet and cover with sauce. Sprinkle 1/4 cup cheese then place the 12pcs pepperoni evenly spaced. Top with additional 1/4 cup (IF you choose to use an extra serving). Broil in oven until edges and pepperoni start to crisp and cheese is melty. Cut into 4 pieces. Each piece is 2.75 points if you decide to share. Enjoy!



I seriously love this flatbread! I’ve had one every day this weekend they’re only 2SP on WW! (knife in photo is for size reference only)


I used 2 servings of low moisture part skim mozzarella because I’m addicted to cheese!


Pizza is probably my favorite food. This was absolutely DEE-licious! Very thin crust but I don’t mind that. I ate it with a fork.

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I'm a 50yr old Office Manager/Singer-in-a-band/Photographer/Crafter/Artist/Wanna-be-Entrepreneur who learns a little bit about myself with each passing day.
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