My Journey to a Healthier Me – Day 5

It’s only 10:15am on Day 5 of my WW program but I couldn’t wait until later to post.

If you read my previous blog posts you’ll know that yesterday I went over my daily SP and dipped into my weekly SP. I was curious to see how that would play out on the scale this morning. The day before I didn’t lose anything and I was UNDER my SP for that day. But, you don’t lose weight every day. You should lose between 1-2# weekly. Since this is my first week, I’ve already lost more than I thought I would the entire week with it only being day 5.

So I get to work and deposit my purse, food and jacket onto my desk then I make my way out into the shop to weigh myself. I don’t care if any of the guys see me do it. I’ve got nothing to hide.

I stepped onto the scale thinking that I felt thinner and I thought I looked thinner in the bathroom mirror this morning so I was curious if it’d show in my numbers. Sure enough it did! I lost another 1.5# for a grand total of 4.9# lost since Sunday!!! When I told Mark this, he said I’d lost almost as much as his youngest son weighed when he was born. Great way to put it into perspective I think.

This day has started off pretty good!




About Missy Ray

I'm a 50yr old Office Manager/Singer-in-a-band/Photographer/Crafter/Artist/Wanna-be-Entrepreneur who learns a little bit about myself with each passing day.
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