My Journey to a Healthier Me – Day 4

So, working on losing weight is opening me up to eating new foods. Foods that I’m finding I really like! I’ve had salmon twice this week (dinner then lunch – thank you Mark!). Today for lunch I made a wrap using one (1) Fit & Active Flatbread multi-grain w/flax (DEE-liciousness and doesn’t leave me bloated like bread) and I spread a half can of tuna made with miracle whip (2 tbsp) on it, added some lettuce and 1/8 cup (that took will-power!) of shredded extra sharp cheese on it and rolled it up like a burrito. I savored every bite! That’ll be on my lunch menu again for sure! Then I ate some carrots and the sweetest apple I’ve ever had.


I’m eating healthy, getting full and NOT feeling bloated in the process. 8 point lunch but next time I’ll use less miracle whip. WHY did I wait so long????

I finished lunch with a sweet dessert of pink grapefruit – no sugar was sprinkled on top. Just natures sweetness was enjoyed. My favorite part is squeezing the juice from the grapefruit rind and drinking it. Nothing goes to waste!


For dinner, we had bone in pork chops with shake n bake. You’d think this would be a high point protein but it wasn’t – only 3 SP for a 4 ounce pork chop and only 1 SP for the shake n bake. We paired this with some creamy pesto bowtie pasta (I had 1/4 cup of pasta for total 2 SP) and a vegetable mix of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower (0 SP). My entire dinner was only 6 SP.¬†I was left with 8 points for my evening snack and boy did I use all of them!

On potato chips. Salt and vinegar potato chips to be exact. I’m not perfect! I love them.

I counted the chips to match my points left and enjoyed them a little too much. ūüôā Then, since I’d been fighting off a migraine since the previous Friday, I had another snack. ¬†Yes, I was out of my daily points at this point and I ate more.

Let me explain.¬†I get 30 SP (smart points) per day. I also get 35 weekly SP to use if I go over or we go out to dinner. I wasn’t going to touch them, but last night I had to. I spent 2 SP on a WW chocolate caramel mini bar and it sure doesn’t taste like it’s low fat, lemme tell ya! YUM!

We shall see what tomorrows weigh in brings me. You’re really not supposed to weigh yourself every day but I do. At work on our huge scale nonetheless. It’s a certified scale so I know it’s accurate. Weighing myself every day helps me stay on track and to learn from the prior days results.

I’ll let you know how it goes!



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Great Weight Watchers Pizza Recipe

We had one of my favorite dinners tonight, chicken souvlaki! Since my entire dinner was only 6 points, I had a bunch of points (14) left over for a snack. I made this delicious (really delicious!!) pizza tonight as my snack. I can’t believe I STILL have points leftover! The entire thing was 11 points but that’s only because I doubled up on the mozzarella portion size. Had I only used 1 portion of cheese instead of two, it’d only have been 9 points. Could have shared half but then I’d be left with 5 more points to eat tonight instead of 3. Yummiliciousness!!¬†#weightwatchers

Homemade WW Pizza – 11 points as made below

*1 – Fit & Active flatbread multi-grain w/flax = 2 points
*12pcs – Mama Pozzi’s turkey pepperoni = 1 point
*1/2 cup (2 servings) – Happy Farms low moisture part skim shredded mozzarella cheese = 5 points (you can use 1 serving of 1/4 cup for 3 points)
*1/2 cup – great value spaghetti sauce = 3 points (I like a saucy pizza)

Place flatbread on lined cookie sheet and cover with sauce. Sprinkle 1/4 cup cheese then place the 12pcs pepperoni evenly spaced. Top with additional 1/4 cup (IF you choose to use an extra serving). Broil in oven until edges and pepperoni start to crisp and cheese is melty. Cut into 4 pieces. Each piece is 2.75 points if you decide to share. Enjoy!



I seriously love this flatbread! I’ve had one every day this weekend they’re only 2SP on WW! (knife in photo is for size reference only)


I used 2 servings of low moisture part skim mozzarella because I’m addicted to cheese!


Pizza is probably my favorite food. This was absolutely DEE-licious! Very thin crust but I don’t mind that. I ate it with a fork.

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My Journey to a Healthier Me – Days 1-3

Over the past many moons I’ve tried several things to lose some weight. Sometimes they work, most times they don’t because I just can’t stick with it. One thing that worked wonderfully for me a long time ago was Weight Watchers. After an emotional Friday night talking with Mark, he encouraged me to do what worked for me before, (he doesn’t think I need to lose anything but he’s very encouraging).
So, on Sunday I joined WW once again. With my new dedication to eating healthier¬†(I’ll add exercising in where & when I can since I’m not really a fan) I’ve already lost 3.4# and it’s only Tuesday! I know it’s mostly water weight right now but I feel so much better and lighter already!
We went grocery shopping last night and Mark was super supportive in buying healthier foods so the entire family can benefit from this change I’m making. He made a delicious dinner last night of salmon, shrimp (I skipped the cocktail sauce), baby brussel sprouts and some pesto penne. I ate, got full, but didn’t feel bloated like normal. I even had 10 extra points left in my day to have a nice treat last night.

THANK YOU Mark for loving me enough to never want me to change, but supporting and encouraging me to do what I need to do to be healthy and happy with myself. I love you muchly!!

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and please know that I welcome your comments and WW recipes!

~ Missy



Lunchtime!! Salmon, shrimp, turkey, orange and carrots. Yummy!


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Silhouette Cameo Craft Night

I love my Silhouette Cameo 2! I just purchased it this past summer and with leading pretty busy lives in our house, I didn’t have a ton of time to play with it at that time so I could figure out all the yummy goodness it has to offer. I ended up putting it away for a few months but this week I pulled it out of storage (really storage is just in the¬†other room) and I set out to find a design to cut out of vinyl. (I prefer using the Oracle 631 & 651 vinyl because it cuts well – you can find some on Amazon¬†HERE).

Like I said, I hadn’t used my Cameo in several months and even at that, I’ve only had it less than a year, so I still have a LOT to learn with utilizing all of its features and tricks. So after not using my Cameo for months what do I decide to use as my first image back into cutting? The pretty intricate owl I found online, that’s what. An owl? Yes, an owl. I think they’re pretty interesting creatures with their huge, wide eyes gazing outward¬†at you and their feathers are so pretty. Plus they’re little fat creatures that look all cuddly, so yes, I chose an owl. This owl in fact.¬†1867d5ffcff26f91cc9f3f9b852584f6.jpg

Now that I found my image, I downloaded it into my Silhouette Design Studio so I could turn it into a file that is cuttable. After tracing and resizing, this is where I’m at.


Now I’ve got my design ready to cut so I switch over to cut settings and choose the proper settings for cutting this intricate design onto vinyl. (I used a metallic silver vinyl from Michaels – I can’t remember the brand, sorry!) I set my blade depth to 1, my speed to 1, and my thickness to 10. Before I hit the big red button, (it’s actually not a big red button but the effect worked so I went with it), I crumpled up some aluminum foil and stuck my blade into it a few times to sharpen it. Reinstall my blade into the Cameo and now I’m ready for the moment of truth.

I hit send and waited. Anxiously.



Sweet Success! It took about 15 minutes for the design to cut out but it worked like a charm! Oh how pretty it was!


Now I have to weed it. Ummmm…yeah. This is going to be fun. There’s a LOT of itty bitty little pieces that have to be removed to reveal the design. Guess I better quit wasting time and get to it.

First I removed the outer excess vinyl and then I set about weeding out all the itty bitty little pieces throughout the design.




For the next little-over-an-hour I bent over my kitchen table and continued to weed away, revealing 6 inch by 8 inch, this very pretty owl design. I used a reverse weeding technique so I had to place the backing paper underneath so you’d be able to properly see the design. Otherwise it’s on a clear transfer paper on my brown kitchen table and you wouldn’t see it very well. That’s why you see a shadow.


Now that I so smartly reverse weeded it (said to myself sarcastically) what am I going to apply it to? I wasn’t thinking that I could just put the backing paper back on and wait until I found what I really wanted it on. Of course I wasn’t! So now I needed to figure out where to stick this bad boy so I could enjoy the design I spent and hour-plus long getting an incredibly sore neck and shoulders weeding out the design.

I know! I’ll put it on my Cameo! I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on it for decoration. This will be great! Except that I have to put it on sideways, but that’s OK. I don’t mind at all!


I absolutely LOVE how this turned out! I posted it on a Silhouette group I’m part of on Facebook and it got so many positive comments! One lady even introduced me to Zentangle. It’s basically doodling but repetitively. I think she may have unleashed another artistic monster in me with that recommendation, but that’s another post for another day.

Ramble on ~ Missy


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2017 – A New Beginning

It’s finally 2017! I mean, it took the exact same amount of time for 2016 to pass as it did every other year before, but it was almost as if we were waiting for 2016 to just end already. And it finally did.

Recapping our year in my mind, it was a pretty eventful year. As always. We started 2016 off with our house fire on January 4th. That led to living for two months in a hotel, a nice hotel with great accommodations, but a hotel nonetheless. Coming home we found that our contractors didn’t finish the job (Mark and I ended up finishing it), our hot tub was broken by a plumbing company who refused to fix it, and we had car problems that lasted more weeks than we care to remember. We had one kid go through a glass window on the eve of his older brothers 18th birthday, gashing open both arms requiring upward of 12 stitches (I think). We had one kid turn 18 and jump from a perfectly good airplane to memorialize his special day. What an AMAZING experience skydiving was for him, but his little brother had to miss it due to spending the night in the ER getting stitched up. We had two kids get their drivers license and both bought their first cars. One near car accident resulting in a very bruised nose.

But we had tons of great days out floating the canal and river on our boat, we saw a concert in the harbor from our boat, we flew all over the sky in our Piper Cherokee, swam in our pool and even brought our pooches in to swim with us. We spent days at the dog park letting our dogs just run and play with other puppies and swim in the water. We watched two kids get their drivers license (yes this is in here twice because it was a big moment for all of us). Had a super fun birthday party with lots of friends and family as kids turned 18, 17 and 15 – I’m so blessed to be their step-mom! Promotions and raises were earned, camping trip was taken, music was performed and enjoyed by many, books were written, new school was started for one kid, new friends were made, new skills were learned and LOTS of love was given and received!

2017 is here. Can’t wait to see what this year brings us.



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Knitting Season has begun

Knitting Season? Yes, Knitting Season. It basically coincides with cold weather and winter months. I mean, who wants to knit in the summer, right? I haven’t knit anything in a couple years, and only then it was scarves, but this Knitting Season I’ve ventured into knitting a blanket. A big, chunky, lacey blanket.

Due to my thoracic outlet syndrome, I have a hard time holding small objects for long periods of time, or gripping anything for more than a few minutes at a time without my hands being in pain, so that’s part of the reason I haven’t knit or crocheted in a couple years. Knitting is far easier than crocheting though as I’m able to hold the needles much looser than I do a crochet hook.

Normally I like to use knitting needle sizes 11, 13 and 15 because they are on the larger size and easy for me to hold. For my big, chunky, lacey blanket, I’m using size 50 needles! Holy cow these things are huge! And purple. But that’s neither here nor there and doesn’t actually make my blanket any better than if I’d gotten blue needles. But these may just be my new favorite needles to knit with for a couple reasons. One, they are SUPER EASY¬†to hold. Two, my blanket is coming along super quick and I love that! Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t have a very long attention span for projects, so I like ones that are quick moving and where I see results very fast. My big, chunky, lacey blanket is one such project.

I’m two nights in working on this, a couple hours each night, and I’m already 6 skeins in with 3 left to go. Can’t wait to use this soft blanket that I’m making with lots of love. It’ll keep us all warm and snuggly on these cold winter nights.

I’ll just have to keep the dogs and cats from stealing it as their own.

After I finish my big, chunky, lacey blanket I think maybe I’ll venture on to some boot cuffs. That is, if I can figure out how to read a pattern and hold much smaller knitting needles. Stay tuned!



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Who Am I?

Some days I’m not sure who I am.

Well, I KNOW who I am, obviously, but who am I supposed to be? I KNOW I’m a good person. I’m loyal, dependable, hard-working, trustworthy, loving, helpful, caring, generous, (humble) :), passionate, compassionate, inquisitive. I try to be funny, but mostly I’m not really. I get hangry, I’m sensitive, and I’m not perfect. I’m a woman, an artist, a singer, an office manager, a divorcee, a wanna-be entrepreneur, a very amateur photographer and a crafter. I’m a girlfriend, a (step)mother, a friend, a sister,¬†a¬†daughter, an aunt and a cousin. I’m a fur-baby mom, a horrible garden grower, a great co-pilot and I’m pretty good at following my senses. I love my boyfriend, my family, my (step)kids, my animals, my friends and a lot of what I do. I try and do my best, give my best, in everything I do. I don’t always succeed.

So, who am I? ¬†I’m a success. And, I’m a failure.¬†But that’s how we learn, through our failures.

I don’t love everything I do. But, who does?

Are there things I’d like to change about who I am? Yes. And I’m working on those things. Every. Day. Of. My. Life. Because I’m also controlling and that is a destructive quality. I’m learning to let go. To let go of control. Let go of my fears. Let go of past hurts. To let go of things that are beyond my control or don’t need to be controlled. I’ll live if I’m not in control. I’ll even be happier and more at peace I’m sure. Because then I won’t be a worry-wart, which I also am.

Am I afraid of death? For me, not really. But I am afraid to lose the people I love. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve had it happen. It’s irreversible. You don’t get another chance. For anything. So, I say I love you when I MEAN it, and never if I don’t. I say it when I come home and I say it when I leave home. I say it when I go to sleep, and I say it when I wake up. Even if it’s not heard by anyone but me sometimes.

I’m a work in progress. This life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. I try every day of my life to be the BEST person I can be. Not only for myself, but more importantly, for those around me. THEY deserve my best. They don’t deserve to pay for my past. They don’t deserve to receive the ickyness I sometimes feel when I fall into a funk. Yes, they love me, and they support me, but they don’t deserve it nonetheless.

Every day I wake up and I’m thankful for my life. I’m thankful for the love I’ve found and I’m grateful that I get to have all I get to have.

So who am I? I guess I’m all of these things and even more, because I’m not done living yet. I’m only 45 years into this crazy life!


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